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At the beginning of the 20th century, Kosmas Linoxilakis lost his heart not only to a wonderful woman, but also to one of the most beautiful places on the island of Crete: Agia Galini. He left his home in the mountains of Crete, married the love of his life and settled in the village of his wife, Agia Galini.
Here Kosmas first opened a traditional kafeneion in 1906, where he served Greek coffee and Raki (tsikoudia).

In the late 1950s Kosmas' son Dimos Linoxilakis took over the kafeneion, extending it with groceries like chocolate, candy and liquor. Dimos, always eager for innovations, was the first to make ice cream in Agia Galini; all of the children in the village wanted to work for him, because he gave the best wages: a portion of ice cream!

Dimos travelled to the island of Siros to learn how to make the best pastry and traditional cakes. He specialized in vanilla, locally known as 'submarine' (ypovrichio). The kafeneion was widely popular with travelling cinemas, parties and celebrations that were held in Agia Galini.

From the 1970s until the mid nineties, the business was run by Dimos' nephews as a restaurant under the name 'Libyan Sea'.

In 1996 Dimos' son Kosmas Linoxilakis took over the restaurant and continued the tradition of a family business und the name 'Kosmas Taverna'. He renovated the restaurant, giving it this special, cozy atmosphere it is known for up until today.

Welcome to Kosmas Taverna and enjoy...

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